Version 0.7

RESTful Access

Querying BioMart

To submit a query using our webservices generate an XML document conforming to our Query XML syntax. This can be achieved simply by building up your query using MartView and hitting the XML button. This XML should be posted to /martservice attached to a single parameter of query. For example you could either:

  • save your query as Query.xml and then POST this using the script in our biomart-perl/scripts installation.
  • submit using wget:
    wget -O results.txt '/biomart/martservice?query=MY_XML'
    replacing MY_XML with the XML obtained above, first removing any new lines.

Retrieving Meta Data

SOAP Access

The SOAP based access is functionally equivalent to the REST style access described above. For description on BioMart SOAP based Web Service (MartServiceSoap), see: