Quick start guide for versions 0.9 and 0.7

Please note the Biomart Community Portal is temporarily unavailable, and therefore the links shown below will not work. However, you can still access BioMart services at any of the BioMart community servers. For more details please click here.

Quick Start

Example Query

Save our query example below as query.xml

<!DOCTYPE Query><Query client="true" processor="TSV" limit="-1" header="1"><Dataset name="hsapiens_gene_ensembl" config="gene_ensembl_config"><Filter name="chromosome_name" value="1" filter_list=""/><Attribute name="ensembl_gene_id"/><Attribute name="ensembl_transcript_id"/></Dataset></Query>

Run Query

Next, run the command respective of your Biomart service version:

v0.9 service

curl --data-urlencode query@query.xml

v0.7 service

curl --data-urlencode query@query.xml

Creating Alternative Queries

Now that you're up and running you might like to try out different queries.

There are 2 ways to do this, you can use our GUI or access our meta data programmatically. We've outlined both methods below:


You can compile different queries using our web GUI

Follow the steps outlined by the GUI. After clicking the 'results' button, click the REST/SOAP button and save the query as query.xml. Finally run the query as explained in the Quick Start block, substituting the example query for your new query.xml.

Programmatic Access

If you need programmatic access to all the datasets, fitlers and attributes follow this link links below, respective of your Biomart service version.

For more information please refer to our documentation

v0.9 service:

v0.7 service: